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                         THE PROJECT

                   MY ASTUTE MOTHER

The intention of this project is to create a textile art piece that demonstrates and translates the life of my mother and my connection with her. This is illustrated by combining traditional handcraft skills to explore tactile surfaces through materials and colours to produce a contemporary, three-dimensional sustainable piece of textile art. 


My aim was to give a narrative through the senses of the range of emotions generated by connections between mother and child, re-creating a relationship in textures, materials, and form. During the design process of the pieces, I gather inspiration using images from her life to create a combination of structures, reflecting the connection I had with my mom in celebration of her. Experimenting with materials and re-exploring the journey I shared with my mother and her life story, I looked at what connects us, and at her impact on her family and community. 

                          HER STORY

A Gambian woman who was fell in love with a Guinea man. 

They migrated to Senegal for greener pasture. Although they made it and even had me after 18 years of trying.

A visit to guinea changed everything. Losing her husband and everything that belongs to them. 

She left and took a very dangerous road trip crossing four borders (from Guinea Conakry to Senegal) Where the sudden death of her husband happened.

Finally made it back to her hometown in The Gambia. Decided to pick herself up and start small trading that later expanded. She was counselling many in their challenging times, free of charge. became a community leader who was empowering women and children.

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